Eternal Word, You who from all eternity welcome the love of the Father and respond to His call, open the hearts and minds of young people so that they may learn to let themselves be loved by the One who conceived them in the image of His Son and that in letting themselves be loved they may have the courage to realize this image, which is Yours.

Holy Virgin, whom the Father has chosen as the Bride of the Spirit in order to bring forth His Son on earth, bring forth in young women the same daring courage, that courage that once set you free to believe in a plan greater than yourself, free to hope that God would fulfill it. To you we entrust those young women who choose to belong totally to the Lord, their only treasure and most beloved Good, in the Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus that they may proclaim today as you did then, that Jesus Christ is Lord, in the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father! Amen.