The formation of a Carmelite Sister of the Divine Heart of Jesus (DCJ) is the work of a lifetime.

 We are the precious stones in the chapel of the Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus.

 When a young woman is interested in seeking entrance to Carmel DCJ, she is encouraged to have continuous contact with our communities by visiting and becoming acquainted with our life of prayer and apostolic service.

As a Postulant, the young woman will deepen and clarify her faith.
She will be assisted to adapt herself both spiritually and psychologically to her new lifestyle,
and to dispose herself for making a free and responsible choice regarding her vocation.

The Postulant must prove the authenticity of her call. The transition from life
in the world to life in our Carmel D.C.J. is a radical change which the
young woman must consciously make. By our understanding and
our kindness we enable her to grow towards maturity in the religious life.

This period is from six months to one year, sometimes can be longer.
The postulant wears a white top and brown jumper.

The Novitiate is a time of deeper introduction into our Congregation. Religious life begins with the Novitiate. The novice is to strive for total and final surrender to God. The novice wears our brown habit and white veil.

The Novice will be introduced into living the Evangelical Counsels; she experiences true community life as we actually live it. She also becomes more familiar with our apostolic activity which is as essential as our community and spiritual life.

Following the completion of Novitiate, the Novice professes First Vows and begins a new phase of her life in which she is fully immersed in the apostolate, yet continuing to strive toward her total surrender and consecration to Christ.  She may be asked to pursue courses of study in line with the needs of our respective ministries among the children and aged.

The black veil, crucifix, and rosary as well as her "title of nobility" are received during the ceremony of First Profession. 
These years of Temporary Vows allow the young religious to develop all aspects of her life in Carmel D.C.J., preparing herself for the final commitment.

Our Profession of Perpetual Vows is the final response to God’s love for us, to His gift of Self for us.
In this response we find the answer to all our questions, the understanding assurance in all our doubts, the peaceful goal of all our searching and longing, the fulfilling reward for the venture of having said our YES to the One who, not needing us, but out of the folly of His love, wants to live with us forever.
She receives a cross with her name and date of Final Profession and Beatitude card which will be her guide in life.