Our Mother Foundress, Mother Maria Teresa, was encouraged to attach our Carmel to a Third Order or to abandon the idea of becoming a "Carmel" at all. In her usual resolute manner, she refused to do either... God supported her resolve by sending her a beautiful dream in the night. In my sleep I dreamed I was on the shore of the ocean. The calm, boundless sea stretched out before me bathed in a bright light. The seashore was flat and a number of little boats rocked gently back and forth in the bright sunlight. All the boats were shining white... It was a delightful sight and I felt invited to enter one of the boats. I approached one of the little boats near the shore. I was about to step into it.

At that moment, a heavenly figure stood at my right side and stopped me. Not only did it stop me, it did more: it pointed to the left and there I beheld a ship, a large dark brown ship. It was so high that a person could only board it with the help of a ladder. Still further to the left, I saw another ship, dark brown, and to this GIANT SHIP, the OTHER SHIP was fastened. I understood the dream immediately. ATTACHED TO THE CARMEL, FORMING A SHIP OF ITS OWN, ON WHICH NO NUMBER III WAS TO BE FOUND - SUCH WAS TO BE THE "CARMEL OF THE DIVINE HEART". And so our uniqueness... We are true Carmelites-we follow the rule and spirit of our Holy Mother St. Teresa, but without the strict enclosure. We follow her and we work for the "salvation of souls" with her zeal, her love, and her energy. We are attached to Mother St. Teresa as the smaller boat to the larger one... but we possess a distinct spirit that allows us to combine our contemplative life with an active life... we are unique, we are Carmel D.C.J.