Every Carmelite of the Divine Heart of Jesus (DCJ) must engrave the meaning of her Coat of Arms deep upon her heart and being molded by its meaning, becomes an “heroic victim soul”. (Directory of our dear Mother Foundress 1925)

The Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus – like each Order and Congregation has its own special way of life and its own proper spirit. The Coat of Arms expresses this spirit with admirable beauty and clarity.

The COAT of ARMS consists of two fields: Brown and Yellowish White.

The BROWN FIELD represents humility and penance,

the SILVER STAR in the center stands for the living members of the Carmel who are striving to practice these virtues.

The WHITE field symbolizes the “Dew from Heaven” - Mary, the Mother of God.

The GOLDEN STARS represent the Saints of Carmel of the Old Law and New Law.

The CROSS was added by St. Mother Teresa to inspire the daughters of Carmel with a greater love of the cross of Jesus.

The STARS above the crown symbolize the shining virtues of the Mother of God and urges all members to imitate them.

The HAND of the Prophet Elijah (Father of all Carmelites) holding the sword signifies his fiery ardor: “With zeal, I am zealous for the Lord God of Hosts”.

The WREATH OF THORNS represents the sufferings that the Mystical Body of Christ, – the Church, may endure because of the sins of the members. These thorns are to enkindle a new fervor in the Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus so that its members will offer themselves to God as victims, with the same spirit of sacrifice and heroic courage which the Saints of Carmel have shown.