East Chicago, Indiana
St. Joseph’s Home of the Holy Trinity

In 1913, Mother Foundress opened a children’s home in East Chicago, Indiana.
Originally an orphanage we transitioned into a group home and are now a residential treatment center for children and youth.

Today, the St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home also provides Emergency Shelter Care / Open Residential Care, and Teen Mom & Baby Care for girls from birth to 18 years of age and boys from birth to 14 years old.

The Residential, Emergency Shelter, and Teen Mom and Baby Centers are to assist our children in dealing with their present life situations and to prepare them for the challenging circumstances that will confront them in the future.

In every child, we love the Divine Child, and this sincere heart affects the heart of the child as the sun affects the tender growing plants.
(Bl. Maria Teresa of St. Joseph AB p250)

  Each kind of soil demands a special care and study, and so also does each child.     
(Bl. Maria Teresa of St. Joseph AB p364)

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