Northern Province of St. Joseph

Blessed Maria Teresa of St. Joseph began the work entrusted to her by God with the care for abandoned children in the “Home for the Homeless.” She derived the internal and religious foundation and support for this work from the Order of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, and in turn, she enriched it with a new branch intent on its own apostolate. From the riches of the spiritual traditions of the Carmel, we today draw daily the strength for our apostolic labors. Her decision to undertake this apostolate was approved by the Church, and the blessing of God, which has accompanied our apostolic labors until today, confirms that approbation.

Thus, the apostolate and the various works that we have undertaken have become an integral part of our religious life. We perform these works as a sacred service to our neighbor, and as a task assigned to us by the Church.

Among the one hundred twenty (120) Carmel DCJ Homes, Blessed Maria Teresa of St. Joseph founded a total of seventy one (71) during her lifetime. Fifteen (15) of these where located in North America when she remained from 1912 until 1920.