Mother Maria Teresa purchased a house – the very one she had envisioned in a dream and called it St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home for Boys of St. Teresa. It was in October of 2016. Early 1917, the home welcomed countless homeless infants, toddlers and small children whom the Sisters would lovingly care for.

There have been many changes made by the Sisters to meet and respond to the needs of the times. Now, the Home is a Residential Treatment Center for adolescent boys who have been engaged in delinquent behavior. A structured comprehensive treatment program is designed for at-risk youth that focuses on individualized strengths and needs.

The mission of Carmelite Home for Boys is to bring troubled children to a level of functioning and to return them to the community as productive and law-abiding citizens with the help of dedicated, committed, and  experienced sisters and staff.

Would that all were children of this most loving and lovable Mother, and esteem and love her as such!  I regard everyone, no matter of what class, or race, or nation who does not have the Mother of God as his Mother, as being a motherless orphan. (Bl. Maria Teresa of St. Joseph AB p250)

Carmelite Home, Inc. have ceased operations effective July 14, 2017.  The Sisters will be serving the community through a new ministry.  We are asking for all your prayers and support.  Thank you.

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