• The Postulant is evaluated regarding her knowledge of basic Catholic doctrine. Carmelite spirituality will be introduced and appropriate instruction in these areas will be rendered by the designated Postulant Mistress. Conferences, workshops, and other meaningful instructive classes will be attended by the Postulants.

• The various customs and traditions of the community will be introduced and explained. Postulants will be instructed about the deep value of prayer and the necessity of living their life with Jesus.

• Postulants will become acquainted with various aspects of our vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They will read and study the life of our Mother Foundress and Carmel spirit with greater intensity. Postulants will be taught to appreciate the uniqueness of Carmel D.C.J. with our contemplative/active charism.

• The Postulants will be given an opportunity to participate in our apostolic ministries. The individual temperament and talents of the Postulants will be evaluated accordingly. Continuing education will be provided on an individual basis.


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