In an interview on July 2, 2008, the new Novices expressed these thoughts about how they felt becoming a first year novice.

Sister Maria Ursula stated:

"Today for me everything is a fulfillment--to see Gods love in every person that I meet. Our dear Mother's motto says it all, 'See God in All, Serve God in All and Love God in All. I feel overjoyed today. For me, that is the reason that I came to this Community."

Sister M. Carmelita says:

"This is it Lord! I felt nervous but I also felt like I was surrounded by fire. I am warm and hot. No words can express what I feel. I am so thankful to God; He is so good. Before getting the veil, I needed water. I was so excited with each prayer."

Sister M. Teresa Margaret replied:

"I am very excited and very happy. I feel that my heart is overflowing ... like floating on the clouds. I never thought that this day would come. I feel a deep union with God."

In a letter written by our dear Mother Foundress, she states perfectly our own sentiments:

"I belong to You. For you I love. For you I die. Be it today or tomorrow--it is all the same to me. I have told You a thousand times: "You are my treasure, You are my all! Into Your hands I commend myself. Thy Will be done."